Ably Disabled? Thanks, Doc!

Retiring as a public employee?  You’ll usually get a better deal, and earlier, if disability is the reason.  The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) in metropolitan New York has had extraordinarily high disability retirement rates–in some years over 90%–among employees who worked in an alternative universe where relatively low-intensity jobs occupationally incapacitated just about everybody. Not surprisingly, retirement-enabling diagnoses were easy to get from doctors like Peter Ajemian, whose fraudulent work-ups just earned him forced retirement to federal prison.

PA Capitol Charged by SEC

We’ve been following Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s flirtation with bankruptcy and state takeover thanks to a high-priced municipal incinerator that once promised a bonanza of fees from trash carted in from beyond the city limits.  But few customers came and the incinerator’s exotic financing boomeranged in the fiscal crisis. The SEC now contends that things were dire earlier, but Harrisburg found ways not to let on.