A Word from Dr. O.

Dissecting organizations in crisis is what I do. My current clinical focus tends towards criminal justice, having just revised Why Law Enforcement Organizations Fail (Carolina Academic Press, 2012).  As professor of public management at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I’ve trained public, non-profit and private-sector execitives, with organizational structure, functioning and culture as my abiding interests. So, when I see any organization in crisis, or spot tell-tale symptoms such as indictments and sudden resignations, you may see my preliminary diagnoses in the blog.

This “Word from Dr. O.” page is where, from time to time, I’ll make more general sense of what ails organizations. I’ll offer diagnostic categories for imposing order on diverse organizational ailments, and consider how political, social and economic enviroments affect an organization’s susceptibility to crisis.

I welcome comments. Though I can’t reply to all, anyone whose comments strike a chord has a good chance of hearing back.  Enjoy the site.

2 thoughts on “A Word from Dr. O.

  1. Good idea Prof. There are many failing organizations that need some help in restructuring the way they conduct their task. No matter what field they are engaged in, your experience in various domains will be really beneficial for them. Yet, they have to find you.

  2. Did not notice this. I am gearing up to utilize the site more, so you are my first visitor–at least the first that is not trying to sell me some add-on that will improve traffic to the site. Prof. O.

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