A Word from Dr. O.

Dissecting organizational crises is what I do. My current clinical focus is criminal justice.  I am working on the third edition of Why Law Enforcement Organizations Fail (Carolina Academic Press) now co-authored with Dr. Vincenzo Sainato, because tackling this expansive topic requires a team.  I am a professor of public management at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (The City University of New York).  I have designed and delivered executive training for public, non-profit and private-sector organizations.

This blog will, for the 2018 season, serve two purposes.  The first is my long-standing commitment to surveying organizations breaking bad–this site’s archive is filled with executive indictments, organizational implosions and policy catastrophes. The second purpose is to highlight issues relating to governance in the U.S., sometimes regarding criminal justice, but also generally and at times with a comparative flavor. Surrounding political and social turmoil puts organizations more at risk for failure and the scene today is, if nothing else, tumultuous.

I welcome comments, though can’t reply to all or even most. On occasion I’ll reply to an incisive comment  Enjoy the site.

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