Elevator Checks on Hold

Over the next month, this blog will cover certain building-related issues in order to facilitate a research project by MPA students at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  The ER focus of the blog remains, only the flavor will change a bit.  And so–Chicago has some mighty tall buildings, and NASCAR-speed elevators taking folks to the top. Many have been awaiting their annual inspections for years.  Elevate carefully, my friends.

Supreme Embarrassment

Not long ago I told readers about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice convicted for misusing staff for political activities.  So last year!  This newest Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice in the negative news spotlight is one Seamus McCaffrey, embroiled in a scandal involving sexually explicit materials sent around from official government email addresses.  The judge, whose trajectory towards the Supreme Court–an elected position in Pennsylvania–was boosted by a high profile stint as the on-site judge dealing summarily with rowdyism at Philadelphia Eagles football games, now rides off into the sunset.