Council Person Pleads, Ho-Hum

This New York City councilman was somewhat of a court regular, first with charges involving domestic violence–he got probation–then with this scheme where a local non-profit helped finance his failed state senate run using funds directed the agency’s way by said councilperson. The common denominator between the latest case and others on this site is the structural vulnerability of community organizations that become co-dependent with corrupt politicians who founded, or funded or used their political cachet to the agencies benefit.

Online Edu-Porn

Bet that got your attention.  Point is, how many adult learners are going to opt for the free, online, laid out in its entirety, Harvard-MIT Electronics 101 carrying a “Certificate of Mastery,” expecially when the alternative is paying a thousand or two or more in tuition to commute over fifteen weeks to a similarly-titled course at “Local U.” which, even if it lives up to its one-paragraph catalog description, will likely be taught by a part-time adjunct instead of an Ivy League star.  Read about this future at: