College a Crap-Shoot?

This article disputes how much colleges are responsible for the return on investment (ROI) graduates earn over the course of their careers as a result of the money and time spent earning their degrees.   I expect my student readers will be paying closest attention here, so I encourage them to click into the embedded links, which are key to how the author is constructing his argument.

YOU Count More Than Your College

Was reading about college ROI (Return on Investment) this morning, starting with the ROI piece also posted here.  This article on the value of elite colleges caught my eye because it fits my 50 years’ experience at low tuition City University of New York: Motivated, hard-working students “make it” in their careers.  I base this mostly on my John Jay College of Criminal Justice students over 3+ decades. but also on my fellow business school alums from Baruch College who, despite decidedly lower income roots, match the career success rate of grads from elite business schools.